Our Firm provides exceptional and compassionate legal services in all areas of Criminal Defense and Family Law.

For almost 30 years, we have represented clients in both State and Federal Court; statewide and across the country. Our streamlined, virtually paperless, practice saves our clients money and allows us to dedicate the maximum amount of time to each person while striving to efficiently resolve each case with the loyalty and dedication that our clients deserve.

Criminal defense

If you are currently under investigation or have been charged with a crime, this will likely be one of the most terrifying times of your life. There are potentially serious direct and collateral consequences when a person is involved in the criminal justice system. It is vital to act fast and speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Regardless of the charges, every individual is entitled to a strong defense.

Harsh Punishments

New York imposes harsh punishments on those who are convicted of breaking the law. If convicted, a person can face jail time, expensive fines, probation and other penalties. Additional collateral consequences include loss of driving privileges, employment or educational opportunities, security clearance, immigration status, or child custody privileges. Convictions can damage credit scores and housing opportunities and can seriously damage a person's reputation.

Divorce litigation

If you have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, you’ll need a trusted and experienced divorce attorney to help you close this chapter in your life.

The divorce process will force you to confront deeply personal issues and make decisions that will greatly impact your future, as well as your family’s future. If you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement on settlement terms, a judge will ultimately make a decision for you regarding Equitable Distribution, Custody and Visitation, Maintenance/Spousal Support.

There are particular nuances and exceptions that apply regarding the distribution of marital property and Equitable Distribution. Marital assets such as pensions, retirement accounts and life insurance polices can be particularly complicated to distribute in a divorce. When a business is part of the marital “pot”, business valuations are typically required, and can be incredibly costly, unpredictable and time consuming. When one party makes a separate property claim, tracing monies in financial records is often required, which prolongs divorce proceedings and dramatically increases legal fees.

It is imperative to understand the different legal concepts in a Divorce Action. Without proper guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced matrimonial attorney, with substantial litigation experience, it will be impossible for you to protect and defend yourself, your family and your assets.

utilizing technology to save time, and our client’s money

The current environment of Matrimonial litigators is unfortunately, saturated with the practice of over-billing and needless expenses charged back to the client. Already in the middle of a financial war with a spouse, a person suddenly finds themselves in a similar battle with their own attorney.

Our Firm functions on a virtually paperless basis; our clients never incur additional fees relating to unnecessary “photocopying expenses”. All active files are kept electronically, easily accessible to both our attorneys and clients. Our electronic billing practice ensures that our clients are apprised of how their money is being spent, with no surprises or hidden fees. Our cloud-based file storage allows us to share documents and files with our client so that no time is wasted with unnecessary office meetings, mailing or faxing.